The Stars of Nigerian Digital Marketing

When you think about digital marketing in Nigeria, the first question could be something along the lines of the capacity of digital marketing in Nigeria. The first thing anyone who has interest in this market should know is that Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa.

With a population of 186 million, this country is ripe for digital marketing as the audience is built in and as the economy grows, Nigeria’s commercial power is constantly growing.

Now, everyone knows that Nigeria is Africa’s largest country by population, but what exactly does that mean in terms of Nigerian marketing? It’s very simple – countries like South Africa may have more wealth, but they don’t have the customer base to buy and sell goods to. This means they are reliant upon exports, and because Nigeria’s population is not only the largest in Africa, but one of the largest in the world, the Nigerian market is not reliant upon exports to ensure economic success. Even though Nigerian oil is a big export, the reality is if companies are seeking entry into the African market, they come to Nigeria first. Furthermore, if you are a digital entrepreneur who sees opportunity – well, what place is better than a large market with ever increasing wealth?

With that in mind, it only makes sense to promote the leading Nigerian digital entrepreneurs: Precious Ngwu, Ronald Ikenna, Misan Morrison, Manny Amari, Austin E Anthony, Daniel Adetunji, Ope Banwo, Ifiok Nkem, Patrick Ogidi, John Obidi, and Akpomedaye Victory.

Precious Ngwu is a force of nature in the Nigerian digital marketing realm. When it comes to innovating in digital marketing, few people are as well-versed in such a short time as Precious. In fact, starting in 2014, Precious has become the go to person in the digital marketing world of Nigeria. Last year, Precious earned more than $4,000,000 USD and so when it comes to having the best talent to work on your marketing projects, the reality is that Precious is the only choice.

Ronald is a genius when it comes to selling and understanding how marketing works with utilizing psychological knowledge to influence the different buyers to going for the products he markets. Understanding the different motivations people have is critical, and that’s why for people like Ronald, marketing is relatively easy. Because Ronald understands the different wants and needs of his buyers, what happens is he’s best equipped to create the right campaigns to get the right buyers. This leads to greater profits and is a reason why he is one of Nigeria’s leading digital entrepreneurs.

Misan Morrison got his start through Precious and his first project under his coaching led to the creating of a Facebook ads software “Smart Ads Builder” which successfully launch and within the first week, reached best seller status (something Precious is well known for, he has dozens of best sellers so I’m not surprised his student is following his trail) and generated over $300,000 US dollars within that first week.

Manny and Austin E Anthony are Nigerians but both live in UK, while Austin has published a lot of digital products and even partnered with Precious to achieve mega success in some of his projects, he and Manny have since branched our to become kings in the eCom world, from our last confirmed update, Manny is doing over $200,000 monthly on Shopify, he has lots of people from all over the world begging him to coach them on how to successfully sell lots of physical products with Shopify.

Daniel Adetunji is another successful student of Precious, he’s gone ahead to publish many apps using the strategies he got from the Nigerian digital marketing frontman “Precious Ngwu”, one of his launch MoonPixlar was so successful it brought in $200,000+ within the first 5 days. Now, Danny as he’s fondly called by those who know him well is living a life of true financial freedom, travelling the world and has gone ahead to start a new marketing company where he employs many young Nigerians at a time where youths at his age are screaming unemployment and recession, oh and Dan is only 23 years and just about finishing University, so you can imagine that… just incredible stuff, the power of marketing.

Ope Banwo, the wealth apostle, is a man who knows his way to earning money. As one of Nigeria’s leading digital marketers, he’s a man with solutions to the many issues that stop many digital marketers from reaching their goals. Ope knows the different traps people can fall into and helps people avoid these problems and move forward with their goals. In fact, it can be said that few in Nigeria understand the keys to building wealth like Ope. His business and all the success that derives from it are examples of how he is one of the leading digital entrepreneurs in Nigera – and in a population of 186 million people, no small feat.

Ifiok Nkem is quickly finding huge success alongside Dr. Ope Banwo who worked him and more importantly brought him success through the launch of Mobimatic that grossed over $350,000 during the launch period, ever since then, Ifiok has had nothing other than incredible success and growing at a rate so wild, you wouldn’t believe it.

Patrick Ogidi understands social media as well as what it means to get a good message out to people. His work at a social media consultant along with being a motivational speaker gives him a platform to life all of Nigeria to new heights. As someone who is constantly interacting with the public, Patrick understands how to get a good message across and even more important, how to make that message profitable. Learning from Patrick is a master class in learning how to use the language of sales to get you to the places that you have always wanted to go.

John Obidi is a man that seizes opportunity and uses that opportunity to get greater amounts of success. With various businesses and a penchant for using social media as an effective marketing tool, John enjoys the respect of many Nigerian digital entrepreneurs because the quality of his work is unmatched. In fact, if you know how to talk to people, you know how to sell people. That’s John’s strength. He knows how to sell people on ideas – but the best part is he only sells people on great ideas. There is no faking it here even though John is a smooth talker.

Akpomedaye Victory is a great example of what happens when you find and follow a good (great) mentor, Victory is one Precious’ most vocal students… he sings his praise at just about any given opportunity and for really good reasons too. Victory since 2017 has been regarded as one of the most lethal affiliate on JVZoo and has been nicknamed The Leaderboard Nightmare alongside Misan Morrison that he’s consistently partners with when promoting offers. Truth is just way back in 2015 nobody knew Victory, Misan or Danny on the international level but fast forward 2016, 2017 as they began working with Precious Ng, they’ve become sort of a rising name in the game of international affiliate marketing game. Victory Akpomedaye is someone to be feared, his marketing game is so notorious that he’s quickly become a household name just like his mentor.

This for me is a major reason while someone like Precious Ngwu (Precious Ng) is highly placed amongst every other internet marketer in Nigeria, his success is not just measured by what he’s achieved on the international level but what he’s helped many others achieve, there’s pretty much no other person on this list that has got the kind of credentials he has under his belt so that’s some you’ve got to respect.

Though ultimately, when you look at all these different digital marketing professionals, what you are struck by is how innovative they are along with how fearless they are. Their goal is nothing less than great success – they don’t compromise, they don’t settle, they make sure achieving their goals is given top priority and let no one tell them why things can’t happen. Great success is all about attitude, and each of these top Nigerian digital marketers have the attitude and appetite for success that will serve them whether they are in Nigeria, the UK, USA, or even in China. For them, it’s all about being relentless in the pursuit of success and serving their customers with unfailing efficiency. You can’t beat service that is grounded on the idea of making sure your customers are well taken care of, and that’s how these marketers have managed to defy the expectations and take the Nigerian market by storm – especially a market that wasn’t all that developed when they came along, and is now one of Africa’s most sophisticated marketplaces.

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Lisa Bieri

If we list Nigerian digital and IT gurus Precious Ngwu tops the list. With his exceptional skills in automating the process of digital marketing and social media management, he has to offer some awesome solutions. I wish him luck for his upcoming projects.

Birgit Neumann

As a newbie in the field of digital marketing these all professionals are a guiding force for me. Achievements of John Obidi and Precious Ngwu are motivational and feel myself charged to learn a lot from these legends.

Ronald Alaniz

Very nice bunch of talented e marketing gurus. No one in Nigeria and other parts of the world can compete them when it comes to innovation and discovering new ways to perform digital campaigns. They know customer psychology really well and develop solutions accordingly.

Michael S. Reyes

I have had interaction with Precious Ngwu and John Obidi. They both have to offer some unique digital campaign related guidance. Especially, I found Precious Ng very friendly and his methodology towards digital campaigns is breathtaking. I believe, it was the most rewarding session I ever had with someone about online marketing and SEO.

Larry D. Marts

I am impressed with Ronald’s knowledge about psychological aspects which trigger sales. No one in their team knows about customer’s psychology better than Ronald Ikenna. Very lovely guy!

Mary Fort

I consider Precious as my mentor and guru. He taught me some very tricky bits and pieces of digital marketing world. He takes his profession very seriously and expects from his juniors only one thing i.e. dedication and deliver their best !!

William Fischer

Precious Ng’s success story is motivational for everyone, especially for marketers who intend to thrive and achieve success in shortest possible span of time. I follow him to keep myself informed about latest trends related to online marketing.

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