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Why Precious Ngwu is known as a Launch Monster

When it comes to doing things that are unbelievable, there are a enormous of things that must be in place to make the unbelievable believable. To that end, one of the key points is to make sure that there is a ton of hype that is surrounding the things that you are doing because what that does is to ensure that your launches are going to be events. When launches are events that is why IPOs for Google and Facebook take off. People are excited and interested and by these companies, so what they end up doing is spending a lot of their money because of that excitement. But How does that relate to the world of affiliate marketing? The answer is quite simple. As a marketing professional, it is job of yours to generate buzz and in turn when that buzz is generated then people automatically will spend the money on launches, and that is how you can join Precious Ngwu and can become a $100k per day launch monster.

Now, Precious Ngwu or Precious Ng as he’s popularly known didn’t become a launch monster on JVZoo overnight. Instead, this process took a little while and required him to put his nose to the grindstone and make sure that his ideas would start working. How does this happen? You should be able to look at the marketplace and find needs. When you do that, what finally ends up happening is that your products become the ones that are sought after. Again, think about what happens every time Google launches some sort of product. Demand is through the roof! If Google does charge for all the services they offer – personal e-mail, translation maps, drive, docs, sheets, etc. – then Google would be even more profitable than they already are. However, the fact remains that their profitability comes from their ability to generate buzz – just like Precious Ngwu.

For Precious Ngwu, the road to becoming a $100k per day launch monster required him to know and understand the differences between the Warrior Plus marketplace where he previously dominated in his early years to the JVZoo marketplace where he is currently some sort of leaderboard king. The good news however is that both allowed him to make sure that his hard work would be rewarded – and that’s probably the most important lesson here. You need to have a platform that lets you make profit, and not profit based off your hard work. The reason why Precious Ngwu is a legend on these platforms is simply because he out-hustles the competition at every corner. Moreover, his products work. So, if you are someone who is a marketing machine, are you a marketing machine because you put out a lot of different products or are you a marketing machine because you are making people money, and in turn making yourself a serious amount of money – just like Precious Ngwu. In fact, the road to these riches means you must have a sense of virality. That is to say you have to need to know the pulse of the marketplace, and in the case of Precious Ngwu, that is exactly what happened and why his products are routinely grossing $100k per day on JVZoo.

Now, to see if these products are grossing this much money, what is actually the key to them being able to do so? The key for him is partnership, the way in which tons of super affiliates line up behind him is crazy and makes you wonder what’s so special that all the super affiliates in the world are lining behind this single Nigerian to promote his product, the answer lies in 2 reasons.

1: Conversions: Precious is renowned to be one of the best copywriters to ever step foot in the business of internet marketing (at least on JVZoo & Clickbank), his sales offers always get double digit EPCs which is kind of a holy grail in the marketplace and consistently does hit 20% conversions on his launch is something that is beyond my reasoning, it’s like a simple math for him… talks in forums has it that before he launches any product he usually announces to his affiliate the exact EPC and conversions that launch will get and most of the time, his predictions are correct… I don’t know if he’s using African Voodoo or something but that dude is something else. So, when you actually have a money maker like this, it’s easy to know why people are rallying behind him, these super affiliates didn’t become super affiliates to watch cinema, they’re in this for the money and whoever makes them the most money, that’s who they go with.

2: Reciprocation: Precious Ng himself is a super affiliate and one of the most lethal ones that the industry has ever seen, he wins any leaderboard at will, his work is quite incredible so promoting for him is in return getting him to support you. Just Imagine what it means when one of the world’s top super affiliate is lining up to promote your product?


When you have this 2 together, it’s not hard to imagine why he quickly became a launch monster and having launches doing over $100k/Day.

One other ingredient though is understanding the marketplace. You have to research exactly what the market needs and ultimately, what cost will market bear to make your product work. This knowledge allows the most astute affiliate marketing professionals to develop products that serve a need within the marketplace. However, even if you do the research and also develop the right products, that can only do so much. The next ingredient is credibility. Think of it in this way – in the United States, there are small businesses and large businesses. All of these businesses do advertise. When driving on an interstate highway in the United States, what you will see is billboards advertising food. There will be a McDonald’s billboard right next to a billboard of a local hamburger store, which has the slogan underneath, that says, “World’s best burgers!” Now, ask yourself, if McDonald’s is competing against another firm that is claiming to offer the world’s best burger, then why are the people more willing to go to McDonald’s than this particularly boastful burger place? The answer is quite simple. Americans – no matter where they are from, know what a McDonald’s hamburger tastes like, and because McDonald’s sells billions of hamburgers every year, the American market likes the hamburgers. The average American traveler does not have the same information and knowledge of that other restaurant, so therefore they are less willing to commit the time and energy to something where they aren’t assured of the outcome – no matter how great it advertises its flavor.

So, the idea of credibility is critical to this area, in fact if you don’t have credibility the eventually the market turns away from you. Surely, your product may have incredible whistles and bells but if it doesn’t actually do the job, then your company will ultimately be compromised. That’s a big reason why Precious Ngwu is so respected. His products work – all the time. You don’t get a dud from him. So, now think about McDonald’s and all those other big companies. They have an amazing credibility within the marketplace and that’s why they are lasting brands with high visibility not only within their nations but internationally as well. Credibility is critical to any successful digital marketing effort.

How does this relate to marketing? Well, ask yourself this question – who would you more likely to listen to when it comes to solutions for different problems? Are you the one more likely to listen to someone who says they have the best products – and know that it could be true or not, or are you the one more likely to listen to someone who even though their products may not be as revolutionary as the other person does offer a guaranteed return on investment? The answer is simple – in business you always go with the sure thing. That’s why credibility surely matters, and in the case of Precious Ngwu, more that of credibility the innovative nature of his ideas and products and how they fill a need – is how affiliate marketers go from being just one of many people in the industry to being at the top of the industry. Precious Ngwu’s reputation is the linchpin to his success. Being a $100k per day launch monster does only work if the people who know your products and know your reputation trust you. This is why what he puts out is only of the highest quality. Of course, he had to take his lumps first and work his way up, but combining tenacity and a willingness to learn and understand his customers is exactly why Precious Ngwu is at the top of the JVZoo and Clickbank marketplaces. When it comes to digital marketing, he is carved out a space where he is the person to listen to in these areas and rightly so – when you are grossing $100k per day on a launch, that’s serious cash.

So, the ultimate question becomes what to do with the earnings from these launches. In the case of Precious Ngwu, the answer is yet simple. The key is to reinvest in your business and put out products that are of even better quality. The more you build upon your reputation; the better is what your reputation becomes. As we know, your reputation is the lifeblood of your business, and in the case of Precious Ngwu, this reputation has become the reason why he is literally earning an amazing amount through these two marketplaces when he launches a product. Not all launches are the same, but when you are a big name in the market and you are doing big things, your launches get noticed and if nothing else, getting noticed and gaining attention is a great way to build your business.

Ultimately, you will notice that there is a lot of hard work behind the launch success of all Precious Ngwu’s products. This does not come from just having a good luck, rather it comes from tireless hard work and the understanding that through this hard work all the greatest of rewards come. Precious Ngwu understands his audience and because of that he is constantly able to fantastic launches that generate tons of money. In fact, this understanding is why his audience is a lot like Apple’s and why his customers eagerly await his new products the way Apple users are giddy over the newest iPhone. When you know the things that will work for the people that you serve, this is why you will continuously generate great success. Keeping that in mind, there is only one person to look at when it comes to understanding the success of great launches, and that person is Precious Ngwu. His talent comes from sheer hard work, but also a keen eye for what the people he serves will enjoy. There is no substitute for hard work, and his hard work is the the only reason why now his launches are one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the world of digital marketing.


The Stars of Nigerian Digital Marketing

When you think about digital marketing in Nigeria, the first question could be something along the lines of the capacity of digital marketing in Nigeria. The first thing anyone who has interest in this market should know is that Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa.

With a population of 186 million, this country is ripe for digital marketing as the audience is built in and as the economy grows, Nigeria’s commercial power is constantly growing.

Now, everyone knows that Nigeria is Africa’s largest country by population, but what exactly does that mean in terms of Nigerian marketing? It’s very simple – countries like South Africa may have more wealth, but they don’t have the customer base to buy and sell goods to. This means they are reliant upon exports, and because Nigeria’s population is not only the largest in Africa, but one of the largest in the world, the Nigerian market is not reliant upon exports to ensure economic success. Even though Nigerian oil is a big export, the reality is if companies are seeking entry into the African market, they come to Nigeria first. Furthermore, if you are a digital entrepreneur who sees opportunity – well, what place is better than a large market with ever increasing wealth?

With that in mind, it only makes sense to promote the leading Nigerian digital entrepreneurs: Precious Ngwu, Ronald Ikenna, Misan Morrison, Manny Amari, Austin E Anthony, Daniel Adetunji, Ope Banwo, Ifiok Nkem, Patrick Ogidi, John Obidi, and Akpomedaye Victory.

Precious Ngwu is a force of nature in the Nigerian digital marketing realm. When it comes to innovating in digital marketing, few people are as well-versed in such a short time as Precious. In fact, starting in 2014, Precious has become the go to person in the digital marketing world of Nigeria. Last year, Precious earned more than $4,000,000 USD and so when it comes to having the best talent to work on your marketing projects, the reality is that Precious is the only choice.

Ronald is a genius when it comes to selling and understanding how marketing works with utilizing psychological knowledge to influence the different buyers to going for the products he markets. Understanding the different motivations people have is critical, and that’s why for people like Ronald, marketing is relatively easy. Because Ronald understands the different wants and needs of his buyers, what happens is he’s best equipped to create the right campaigns to get the right buyers. This leads to greater profits and is a reason why he is one of Nigeria’s leading digital entrepreneurs.

Misan Morrison got his start through Precious and his first project under his coaching led to the creating of a Facebook ads software “Smart Ads Builder” which successfully launch and within the first week, reached best seller status (something Precious is well known for, he has dozens of best sellers so I’m not surprised his student is following his trail) and generated over $300,000 US dollars within that first week.

Manny and Austin E Anthony are Nigerians but both live in UK, while Austin has published a lot of digital products and even partnered with Precious to achieve mega success in some of his projects, he and Manny have since branched our to become kings in the eCom world, from our last confirmed update, Manny is doing over $200,000 monthly on Shopify, he has lots of people from all over the world begging him to coach them on how to successfully sell lots of physical products with Shopify.

Daniel Adetunji is another successful student of Precious, he’s gone ahead to publish many apps using the strategies he got from the Nigerian digital marketing frontman “Precious Ngwu”, one of his launch MoonPixlar was so successful it brought in $200,000+ within the first 5 days. Now, Danny as he’s fondly called by those who know him well is living a life of true financial freedom, travelling the world and has gone ahead to start a new marketing company where he employs many young Nigerians at a time where youths at his age are screaming unemployment and recession, oh and Dan is only 23 years and just about finishing University, so you can imagine that… just incredible stuff, the power of marketing.

Ope Banwo, the wealth apostle, is a man who knows his way to earning money. As one of Nigeria’s leading digital marketers, he’s a man with solutions to the many issues that stop many digital marketers from reaching their goals. Ope knows the different traps people can fall into and helps people avoid these problems and move forward with their goals. In fact, it can be said that few in Nigeria understand the keys to building wealth like Ope. His business and all the success that derives from it are examples of how he is one of the leading digital entrepreneurs in Nigera – and in a population of 186 million people, no small feat.

Ifiok Nkem is quickly finding huge success alongside Dr. Ope Banwo who worked him and more importantly brought him success through the launch of Mobimatic that grossed over $350,000 during the launch period, ever since then, Ifiok has had nothing other than incredible success and growing at a rate so wild, you wouldn’t believe it.

Patrick Ogidi understands social media as well as what it means to get a good message out to people. His work at a social media consultant along with being a motivational speaker gives him a platform to life all of Nigeria to new heights. As someone who is constantly interacting with the public, Patrick understands how to get a good message across and even more important, how to make that message profitable. Learning from Patrick is a master class in learning how to use the language of sales to get you to the places that you have always wanted to go.

John Obidi is a man that seizes opportunity and uses that opportunity to get greater amounts of success. With various businesses and a penchant for using social media as an effective marketing tool, John enjoys the respect of many Nigerian digital entrepreneurs because the quality of his work is unmatched. In fact, if you know how to talk to people, you know how to sell people. That’s John’s strength. He knows how to sell people on ideas – but the best part is he only sells people on great ideas. There is no faking it here even though John is a smooth talker.

Akpomedaye Victory is a great example of what happens when you find and follow a good (great) mentor, Victory is one Precious’ most vocal students… he sings his praise at just about any given opportunity and for really good reasons too. Victory since 2017 has been regarded as one of the most lethal affiliate on JVZoo and has been nicknamed The Leaderboard Nightmare alongside Misan Morrison that he’s consistently partners with when promoting offers. Truth is just way back in 2015 nobody knew Victory, Misan or Danny on the international level but fast forward 2016, 2017 as they began working with Precious Ng, they’ve become sort of a rising name in the game of international affiliate marketing game. Victory Akpomedaye is someone to be feared, his marketing game is so notorious that he’s quickly become a household name just like his mentor.

This for me is a major reason while someone like Precious Ngwu (Precious Ng) is highly placed amongst every other internet marketer in Nigeria, his success is not just measured by what he’s achieved on the international level but what he’s helped many others achieve, there’s pretty much no other person on this list that has got the kind of credentials he has under his belt so that’s some you’ve got to respect.

Though ultimately, when you look at all these different digital marketing professionals, what you are struck by is how innovative they are along with how fearless they are. Their goal is nothing less than great success – they don’t compromise, they don’t settle, they make sure achieving their goals is given top priority and let no one tell them why things can’t happen. Great success is all about attitude, and each of these top Nigerian digital marketers have the attitude and appetite for success that will serve them whether they are in Nigeria, the UK, USA, or even in China. For them, it’s all about being relentless in the pursuit of success and serving their customers with unfailing efficiency. You can’t beat service that is grounded on the idea of making sure your customers are well taken care of, and that’s how these marketers have managed to defy the expectations and take the Nigerian market by storm – especially a market that wasn’t all that developed when they came along, and is now one of Africa’s most sophisticated marketplaces.